coMra Therapy

21st century technology supporting your body's natural ability to heal itself

coMra Delta Therapy with Magda Werecka at refresh and revive

coMra Therapy (Coherent-Multi-Radiance-Therapy), also known as The Delta Effect is an enhanced form of MIL-Therapy (Magnetic-Infrared-Laser-Therapy) which was pioneered by Russian medical scientists in the 1990s.

Designed to cooperate rather than interfere with the body, coMra Therapy supports the ability of the body to heal itself naturally by providing the following four radiant energies working as one coherent-operating system:

  1. infrared laser – the frequencies provide the additional "energy", vital for the healing process in diseased cells that are already "energy" deficient
  2. four colour LEDs: red, green, indigo violet, yellow – the frequencies and the specific sequence enable the cells to regenerate or rejuvenate
  3. magnetism – keeps all the radiances focussed and determines the effective depth of penetration
  4. ultrasound – provides a gentle but firm impetus which allows the diseased cells to reorganise themselves internally much more quickly.

Delta Series Coherent Multi-Radiances

The Delta Series coherent multi-radiances therapy family consists of a hand device together with up to 4 dedicated terminals that are easily interchangeable. Each terminal has a different function, enabling a variety of conditions to be addressed. It can help with:

  • pain
  • chronic conditions
  • injuries
  • boosting health and fitness.

coMra Therapy does not interfere with any prescribed allopathic cures and may even enhance their positive effects. It is, perhaps, the first in a line of pioneering 21st Century technologies that are designed and developed to support the natural ability of the body to heal itself.